What does Magyar Agár mean to me? A way of life. Freedom. Speed. Bliss. The expression of emotion. Spontaneity. Beauty. The addition increases. The rare ability to make the right choices. Purposeful behaviour. Healing touches. Gentle love...for 28 years...

As a child I had the chance to participate in a horse coursing. Magyar agars and greyhounds were sent after the rabbit. A huge, fawn magyar agár male was really unforgottable for me. Since then I can not escape the sighthounds’ energetic and elegant movement, complex nature and unique look. I saw my first magyar agár at a pet exchange in 1990, it was a love at first sight. Mara was an acrobatic, manoeuvrable and incredibly hard-working female agár. She followed through my riding years and often ran 40-50 kilometers per day. She never had a race, but she achieved Hungarian Champion (HCh), CACIB and HFGY titles. My heart still beat faster at the memory as Mara started to run after the rabbit. Since then it is still important for me to my sighthounds have spirit, perseverance and speed, also they meet the all-time magyar agar standard with their appearance. I founded the Vakvágta Kennel in 2000, the first litter was born in 2001. 

There is no animal that deserves more respect, friendship and love from people, like a dog.


If you have any question about the magyar agár breed, or about the next litter plan, please do not hesitate to contact me. I will reply as soon as I can.

Annamária Lóky
+36 20 431 5363